July 10th - August 23rd

1X Pick Up Session


Full Program



Welcome to our newest program addition, Hornets Futsal Adults.

Our adult program will commence Winter 2020 with teams entering the Durham Futsal League.

Our adult program will not only offer players the chance to compete within Futsal, but will also allow for pickup training sessions and some basic fitness and conditioning from our Director of Performance.

Our overall goal for our adult Futsal program is to offer a fun, holistic experience that allows you to keep active and play the fastest game in town!


Registration is simple. Click on the link below. Upon creating an account simply click on the club programs from your left menu and Adult Futsal will be visible.

Here's the key info for our season.

- Full safety protocols will be in effect throughout the winter program. 

- All pickup & games will be played outdoors at Homestead park or Southern Community roller rink, Chapel Hill.

- Jerseys will be provided by Hornets Futsal for competitive play

- Our teams will play at least 8 games per season

- Season dates are Nov 20th through to January 31st

Our adult program costs only $90 per season

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Check out​ our "what is futsal" page to learn more about the sport and why you should play


Click the link and then select 'club programs' from the left menu