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Since 2020 Hornets Futsal is proud to be amongst 24 clubs across the nation to be affiliated with United Futsal's Champions Cup Series.

The Championship Cup Series (CCS) is Hornets Futsal highest level of competition and looks to provide the very best in regional, national and world competition as well as offering the worlds first elite level player pathway.

So what is the Champions Cup series?

Elite Level Competition

Across the year Hornets Futsal will compete in a minimum of two key events

- Atlantic Conference Championships, North Carolina

- World Championships, Orlando

Possibility to participate in:

-National Futsal Championship

Hornets Futsal will commit to 7 teams in the following age groups:

2011 | Boys 

2012 | Boys 

2013 | Boys

2014 | Boys

2015-2016 | CoED

2011-2012 | Girls

2013-2014 | Girls

World Showcase will feature

2006-2008 | Boys & Girls

2009-2010 | Boys & Girls

Roster size will be capped at 9 players.


National Training Camp

3 players from each age group will attend an annual training camp in the USA along with players from all other 35 CCS clubs.

The NTC will see our players train alongside the very best CCS players and also get to experience training from national and international coaches.

The NTC takes place in June for 7 days.

Players who are selected to attend the NTC will have shown excellence in four key categories throughout the season.

  • Team role model

  • Self development 

  • Club ambassador

  • Training & game day

Players registered for full year program will be eligible for selection

NTC fee per player is $495. Financial assistance is available to all players invited to attend.



The FUTURES™ program is the international performance stage of United Futsal’s player pathway and is our top program for individual player development.

Along with competing against five other nations, players will once again train alongside players from other countries, experience international styles of play and be able to do some sightseeing :)

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