October 2020 Hornets Futsal will proudly become the latest expansion team within the East National region for Unite dFutsal. this will see Hornets Futsal connect and compete with other Futsal programs throughout the east coast. The expansion will also see the introduction of the National Futsal Academy that will connect the very best Futsal players within our area with Elite level training and practices from across the world.

What is the Champions Cup Series (CCS)

The CCS™ is the first global youth futsal competition series for the highest level futsal teams across the world.

In the US, there are 3 regions of 6 teams participating in the 2020 Exhibition Season. The first official season in 2021 will feature 12 clubs in each region for a total of 36 American Clubs participating.

Who Can Play?

CCS™ provides equal opportunities to men and women. Same age groups. Same events. No exceptions. No Excuses.

The Champions Cup Series targets players 8 years old to 16 years old as part of a 3 event competition calendar built around their soccer schedule so players don't have to choose, they can play futsal and soccer at the highest level each year!

Creating the best environment to develop

From December through to the World Futsal Cup, Hornets Futsal will be committed and involved in three key tournaments. The Winter Regionals (Raleigh, NC) and the National Championships & World Futsal Championships (Disney, Fl) will be held each year. 

Creating the best environment to develop

Through our National Futsal Academy we will enable our players to attend National and International training camps delivered in partnership with some of the biggest club names in Futsal and world soccer.

These camps will be funded by Hornets Futsal.

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