Founder | Director of Futsal | Tournament Director

Founder of Hornets Futsal and co-founder of Hornets Football Club (UK) Rich has been at the forefront of Futsal development for 15+ years on two continents. Through Hornets Futsal, Rich has helped bring a spotlight to the sport, both as a supplemental development tool for soccer, but also as a stand alone sport with its own culture and unique demands.

"I love the speed and quickness of decision making. I always felt that Futsal was a missing component to my development as a youth player and it's specific focus on speed of play and decision making. Being able to provide an environment to help introduce and also develop players within the sport is a proud thing for me"

Rich is also a key part behind Durham Futsal League, Futsal Innovations, Brookridge Soccer Consultants as well as an active member of the local Chapel Hill & Durham soccer community.


National Futsal Academy Director | Camp Director

Since his 1st coaching session back in 2006, Dan has kept up his enthusiasm and passion for coaching sport. With a high focus recently within the female Soccer game Dan has ensured that equality in sports has been an integral part of what he has been doing,

'I have a strong passion for developing all players, whether they are playing for fun, friends or trying to be the next Messi, I will look to do my utmost to help'. For me Futsal helps develop many of these key attributes as well as a players speed of thought and decision making and so is a key reason why I love the sport so much"

Dan has shown his commitment to Futsal by introducing it as a key component at his last Soccer club in England. 


Advertising & Media Coordinator | DFL Liaison


Tour Coordinator | United Futsal Liaison

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