Last Updated: Wednesday July 1st 2020

During these uncertain times, it is important for any organization to protect those that participate or support it. Hornets Futsal Club is committed to not only ensuring the safety of al it's members and supporters, but to also ensure we take every opportunity to be prepared for our return to play.

We commit to the following

1. HFC will follow CDC, State and County(s) guidelines regards return to play.

2. HFC will commit to a safe return to play through to August 31st, regardless of sanctions being lifted prior to this date.

With the situation ever evolving on a hour to hour basis, we will ensure to communicate any changes to our key dates below along with updating this page on a regular basis.


Hornets Futsal club will ensure the following upon returning to play in July 2020

- Training sessions will be staggered to reduce large groups at change over times.

- No competitive games will be played until August 2020

- No parents will be allowed inside the venues

Further restrictions may be implemented depending on guidelines.

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