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Boys & Girls

Hornets Futsal Club National Futsal Academy (NFA) is our clubs most innovative and elite level Futsal experience focused on deliver futsal development opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. 

The NFA focuses on excellence within performance, technical mastery, Futsal IQ development and personal accountability. 

Age Groups Teams (Boys & Girls) : 2014 through to 2005

Program overview

  • Futsal centered curriculum

  • Professional Futsal Coaching

  • Qualified Performance Coaching

  • Game analysis

  • Local leagues & Tournaments

  • Champions Cup Series (CCS) & USYF squad eligibility

Winter/Summer season only

  • 3 month season | November-January or May-July

  • 6-8 games per team

    • Local league & showcase events

  • 1-2 training sessions per week

Full program

  • 8 month season | November-July (no training in February)

  • 2-3 training sessions per week

  • Mach/April futsal individual/group technical mastery training

  • 6-8 games per season

    • Regional championships​

    • Regional showcase

  • Eligible for CCS National Training Camp​

  • Eligible for CCS National & World Championships @ Orlando, FL


Our focus is to maximize player development by providing the right environment no matter the Futsal experience. As an academy we have adopted a two team structure within our age groups.

Rush - Top team within age group providing a higher level of competition. Rush teams will play local showcases and local tournaments.

Lightning - Second team within age group. Lightning teams will play in local leagues and attend local showcases. Players will have ample opportunity to progress into the Rush teams and have opportunities to compete at Regional, National and World events.

Blast - tournament teams designed to be a mix of players from dual age groups.

We do not set rosters within Hornets Futsal. We believe opportunity should always present itself in accordance with players development needs. Players can move between the team during a season. The reasons for player movement may not always be negative. Injuries, availability etc. may require players to change squads to ensure the correct level of expectation.

We love soccer just as much as you! 

Play soccer? Worried about conflicts?? Don't worry we also play, coach and live soccer! We work hard to ensure that your Futsal experience compliments your soccer development. With Futsal becoming more integral to the heart of a soccer player we will always do what's best for players to play both disciplines.

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