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Tournament Squads

Tournament Squads

Our tournament squad will be called EliteTo join our Elite team you must be recommended by a coach from our Academy or tryouts, these teams are for advanced level players (MLS, DPL, ECNL, etc..). They will be competing at the United Futsal Champions Cup Series events and/or USYF or USFF regional and national events.


Season 23/24 Competitions

Boys and Girls 2016-2006


Champions Cup Series

  • Conference

  • Nationals

World Futsal Showcase

U.S. Youth Futsal

Regionals and Nationals

U.S. Futsal Federation

Regionals and Nationals

Selection Process

- Players will be selected through the Developmental Futsal Academy or tryouts.

- Coaches will select players to participate on the tournament teams.

- Additional fee is applicable for participation.

- Players registered for CCS Summer squad will be eligible for National Training Camp.

- First right of refusal will go to players in the annual program.


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