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The Academy is our clubs most innovative and elite level Futsal experience focused on deliver futsal development opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. 

The focus of the academy is on excellence within performance, technical mastery, Futsal IQ development and personal accountability. 

As soccer continues to grow and seasons expand through to December/January, we believe that our academy will offer the perfect compliment for the most committed soccer player and more importantly the passionate Futsal player.

Age Groups Teams (Boys & Girls) : 2013 through to 2006

Program overview

  • Age group training sessions

  • Futsal centered curriculum

  • Professional Futsal Coaching

  • Qualified Performance Coaching

  • Game analysis

  • Local leagues & Tournaments

  • Eligible for CCS National Training Camp​

  • Eligible for CCS National & World Championships @ Orlando, FL

Season Logistics

  • 12 week season | November-January or May-July

  • Two one day showcase events​ per season

  • Selective tournaments

  • One 90min session (Winter) Two 60min sessions (Summer)

Showcase/Tournament Teams


As players train within their age group teams will form for our showcase events, tournaments and our CCS Regionals, National & World Championships.


Teams will form as follows:


Rush - Most experienced & most competitive level

Lightning (single or dual age group) - Developing experience & moderate competitiveness


Players are constantly assessed through the season to ensure their placement is accurate for their development and most importantly their enjoyment. Performance and attendance are some of the factors that will lead to any change in team placement.


*Pricing is subject to change. Payment plans & financial aid is available upon request.

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