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We are proud to be the Triangle areas only competitive local, regional, national and world stand alone independent Futsal club!

Our competitive program is made up of three key components.

NFA Juniors >> The Academy >> Tournament Squads


Our entry level program looks to implement a Futsal culture that includes our core skill development and gameplay methodology. Each session will focus heavily on ball mastery and 1v1s to develop the players overall ability with the ball at their feet and create a love with the ball. Our Juniors season is divided into two seasons Winter & Summer.

Season Length - 12 Weeks

Training - Once a week

Session Length - 60 minutes

Location - Homestead Turf

Coach Level - Qualified Futsal coaches

Developmental Futsal Academy

Our beginner - advanced level program will continue to develop the futsal culture set by our Juniors program. It will focus on technical refinement and developing high level IQ players while maintaining our philosophy. There will be lots of small sided games, our coaches will make sure players are increasing their knowledge and allow the players to solve the problem that may arise on the court.

Seasons - Winter & Summer

Season Length - 16 Weeks

Season Training - 1x training session Winter (October - January) & 1x a week (Summer April -July)

Location - Outdoor hardcourt & Indoor Hardcourt

Coach Level - Foundation UF University & USYF Level 1 Qualified Futsal coaches

Tournament Squads

To join our Tournament Squad you must be recommended by a coach, these teams are for advanced level players (MLS, DPL, ECNL, etc..). They will be competing at the United Futsal Champions Cup Series events and/or USYF or USFF regional and national events.

Selection Process

- Players within "The Academy" will be eligible for selection

- Coaches will select players to participate on the tournament teams.

- Additional fee is applicable for participation.

- Players registered for CCS will be eligible for National Training Camp.

- First right of refusal goes to players in our annual program.

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