The Hornets brand was born 20 years ago (in England) with the purpose of providing an accountable training environment driven by players for the player to learn, play and grow within soccer, and Futsal.


Hornets Futsal has always strived to lead the way with new methods of training, seek coaches to innovate and inspire and players that demand more from themselves and the club they are in. But above all else, stay true to the clubs original vision 'Earn your time on the field'


Hornets are proud to be a stand alone Futsal club that is an open environment for all players.


Our focus is simply Futsal


As part of the Triangle youth sport community we strive to innovate and create a better youth sport experience for all our members through Futsal.

 Honesty - Always be honest with yourself! You are your biggest critic and biggest supporter. 


Pride - Be proud of the badge you wear and what it stands for. Be proud to be with other like-minded players committed to becoming better and contributing to the team.


Respect - For yourself, for your training environment, for your game day. Be a friend to your teammates and a role model for those younger than you.

Positivity- Be a friend, be a teammate, be a positive influence on all around you. 



Our Philosophy is summed up in three words Discover, Develop, Define



Providing a secure learning environment is a fundamental part of our philosophy to aid our players to discover skills and develop strong Confident & Creative players who are excited to grow their potential.



Decision making & Self-Development are constantly reinforced in all our sessions. A great deal of responsibility for our player's growth is placed on the player to work on their technical abilities.

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With new skills comes the unknown of how and when to use them within the game. Scrimmage based training accounts for 50% of weekly training. To play the game is as important as training for the game.



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Chapel Hill, North Carolina – United Futsal is excited to announce Hornets Futsal Club as a 2020 Champions Cup Series (CCS) member. The Chapel Hill club will provide standout youth players in the Research Triangle with direction and exposure to futsal at the highest level. As a CCS member, Hornets Futsal Club solidifies its mission of further developing the sport and bringing genuine futsal culture to the region. 

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