We don't like hidden fees... Really, we don't! We understand how hard it is to plan a budget and balance the books so we don't want to have our members dealing with that either.

The price you see is the price you pay.. Simple :)

Yes.. That includes your full year of training, games, uniform*, insurance, hair ties and tournaments. No team fees.. No tournament charges.. That's it!

Additional Fees

The only thing we can't cover at this time (but we are working on it) is your CCS hotel fees for National Training Camp or National/Worlds Championships in Orlando. However, we do have some solutions to help in that area and will assist where we can.

* If returning from 2020/21 your uniform will be eligible.

Financial Assistance

Hornets Futsal Club is proud to support all our families with their financial needs. From customizing payment plans to providing financial assistance we firmly believe that money should not be a hurdle to your child playing this amazing game.

Application process

Please contact rbryan@hornetsfc.com upon registration to discuss your needs and we will do our best to assist.

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