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Registration Site

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Key Information

Prior to registering, please ensure you have received the following from Hornets Futsal Club

1. Notification of Tryout completion. This will include your team placement and also your uniform reimbursement code.

2. 2020/21 Team placement

3. Recent photo (all profiles MUST have profile photo)

If you have not received any of the above, please contact us via our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the payment options?

You can choose to pay in full or in four installments throughout the year. The installment program will come with a $3 charge per transaction.

Can I apply for financial aid or custom payment plan?

Due to recent events we are offering options to spread your payments over a longer period of time. This is done on a family to family basis. Simply contact us via the contact form to discuss options.

How do I order uniform?

Upon completion of your registration you will be entered into our database to order your uniform. You will need to pay for this via, but you will receive a uniform discount code to enter during your registration to redeem your purchase.

How do I get my training tee?

The club will provide free training tops for your season. These will be available once training commences. Additional tops can be purchased for $10. 

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