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TRYOUTS (2014-2006)

We are excited to open up our rosters to players old and new to return for our second year as a National Futsal Academy program.

Friday May 10th and 17th

10U (2014) - 18U (2006) Boys & Girls

McDougle Middle School

Fee - $15 per player

REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR MINI HORNETS Simply click on the registration link below and register!

Check out our Developmental Futsal Academy here

The Full Tryout Experience

Physical Evaluation


We test several physical attributes that not only benefit our players within Futsal, but also are key areas for soccer. We conduct standard NCAA testing to establish physical traits.


- Speed

- Endurance

- Turning

- Accelration

Technical Evaluation

Obviously at the core of every tryout should be the technical abilities of a player and Futsal demands a very high level of technical dominance. However, we don't simply grade passing, dribbling and ball control (we let the clubs do that). We look at higher levels of technical requirements.


- Movement

- Decision Making

- Teamwork

Team Placement


Once complete ad you have received your evaluation card we shall notify you within 48/72 hours of your child's placement. The placement is not the end of the journey but the beginning and in large is based on your child's evaluation and game play.

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