Supplemental tryouts Nov 1st - Nov 20th

Virtual Tryouts

Our registration is a two part system which requires you to complete payment via our playmetrics system and complete your tryouts via our tryout form.


Between October 12th & October 31st, we will require you to complete three very simple tests in the comfort of your own home.


Once complete, you can upload your videos straight to us.

Upon completing we will inform you of your team placement or whether an in person tryout will be required.

Team placements will be completed by November 3rd 2020

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10 Yard Figure 8


10 yard figure of 8 drill test with ball - TIMED RESULT REQUIRED

Demonstration Video

Figure 8 test (only complete with ball portion of video)

The video will demonstrate figure 8 test without ball. Complete test with ball, completing 3 figure of 8's and record time. 

40 Yard Sprint

40 yard sprint without ball - TIMED RESULT REQUIRED

Demonstration Video

40 yard sprint (complete without ball)

10 Sec Juggle test

10 seconds to complete as many juggles as you can, using only your feet.

Pro Tip: You can get more using just one foot

Pro Agility


10 yard pro agility test without ball - TIMED RESULT REQUIRED

Demonstration Video

Pro Agility Test (complete without ball)

The Full Tryout Experience

Physical Evaluation


We test several physical attributes that not only benefit our players within Futsal, but also are key areas for soccer. We conduct standard NCAA testing to establish physical traits.


- Speed

- Endurance

- Turning

- Accelration

Technical Evaluation

Obviously at the core of every tryout should be the technical abilities of a player and Futsal demands a very high level of technical dominance. However, we don't simply grade passing, dribbling and ball control (we let the clubs do that). We look at higher levels of technical requirements.


- Movement

- Decision Making

- Teamwork

Team Placement


Once complete ad you have received your evaluation card we shall notify you within 48/72 hours of your child's placement. The placement is not the end of the journey but the beginning and in large is based on your child's evaluation and game play.

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