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Futsal (also known as fútsal or footsal) is a variant of soccer played on a hard court, smaller than a standard football pitch, and mainly indoors.


With a very specific and unique set of rules, Futsal is designed to encourage fast and exciting soccer that develops a players technical skill set and decision making.


There are many opinions on what makes Futsal, Futsal, but at its heart, it is, in fact, a game based on team organization and tough defense that leads to an opponent needing to come up with solutions to best their opponent. Without good team organization on the field, we would never see the kind of skills that Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar exhibit within soccer today.

The Benefits of Futsal


210% more touches of the ball

Improves players decision making skills

The heavier ball increases the power of players

Develops the confidence in players to go 1v1

Allows players to be more creative

It improves reaction time

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Futsal Surface Guide

Futsal is a sport with many perceptions regards how it should be played, what constitutes true Futsal and how best to play the sport. One such topic is the surface which Futsal should be played on. Many will have the opinion that Hardwood is the only Futsal surface that the sport should be played on whereas this is not the case as all major international and professional Futsal games use a specialized synthetic surface. 


With the modern development of outdoor surfaces such as artificial turf and synthetic based surfaces, Futsal is now more commonly seen being played on these surfaces worldwide. Playing on these surfaces do offer plenty of advantages that current gymnasium space simply can't provide. The main ones are correct Futsal court size. Most gymnasiums are simply not big enough to accommodate the correct size of court required for Futsal. This leads to an increase in fouls and a reduction in overall quality. Whilst the player does get to experience the lack of friction in the ball movement, this is at a cost of being able to create correct space to move your opponent properly. FIFA recently approved the use of artificial turf as well as many Elite soccer clubs that place Futsal at the heart of their youth academies development.



The four main surfaces that we utilize to play Futsal (all approved by FIFA) are Synthetic, Hardwood, Hardcourt & Turf.


All the surfaces that are used for Futsal should not take away from the core essence of what makes the sport of Futsal so unique. This is speed, skill, team work and unity on the court.



Below we have provided a quick guide of the surfaces we use within Durham, Raleigh & Chapel Hill.

Basketball court.jpg


Hard court.jpg




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